Empowering Educators and Youth Workers: A Comprehensive Approach to Substance Abuse Prevention

The EDU MAP project has produced an insightful resource for addressing substance abuse among young people: the Reference Handbook for Substance Abuse, and also included the Desk Research report. This resource is designed to support teachers, social workers, and youth workers in their efforts to prevent and address substance abuse among young people. This article will explore the key findings […]

EDU-MAP: Guidebook to define psychological symptoms related to substance abuse

Dear educators, teachers, students and readers! We are thrilled to introduce our latest publication, the “Guidebook to Define Psychological Symptoms Related to Substance Abuse” in the framework of the project Edu-map. The chapters deal with a variety of crucial topics to prevent substance abuse and highlight their negative effects on health. The Guidebook contains the […]


In this post, we present you Inclujobs project.  

InteLACMarket 3rd Newsletter

3rd #Newsletter of the #InteLACMarket project has been released! #erasmus #erasmusplus #intelac #latinamerica #migration #migrants #caribbean #integration  

InteLACMarket LTTA in Tarragona, Spain

We have come to the end of a wonderful 5-day LTTA process! 🎉 We are thrilled to share that the Universitat Rovira i Virgili hosted an incredible gathering last week, welcoming our esteemed project partners: Acción Laboral, INDEPCIE, Università degli Studi di Padova, Austrian Association of Inclusive Society, and CONEXX-EU. Together, we embarked on a […]

Green Growth PR2

We’re excited to share that Result 2 of our Erasmus+ project, “Designing Green Growth Learning Aids for Young Persons with Disabilities,” started and is well underway! Result 2, titled “Produced audio for visually impaired and special books as learning aids for young persons with intellectual disabilities,” is focused on creating audio materials and special books […]

INTELAC WEBINAR with Marcela Torres Heredia about “Discover the Power of Intersectionality and Inclusion”

📣 On June 9th, at 14:00h 🕑 (CET) we will present the free Intelacmarket #webinar ‘Integration of migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean in Austria, a feminist approach’🌎 Link 💻▶️ https://us05web.zoom.us/j/87906527332?pwd=M3VKOXFHWlpPOUZjdlpGcDJtZXdQUT09 🔵 https://forms.gle/KS4F8NdkEgSU1d2K8 #migration #latinamerica #Austria #Vienna #intelacmarket #empowering  

Navi-Mig 1st Result

📣 Exciting News! 🌍📱 We are thrilled to announce the completion of the first result of our Navi-Mig project: “Mobile application NAVI-MIG – a roadmap for migrants in Europe”! 🗺️🚀 This innovative mobile application, available for iOS, is designed to support migrants in navigating essential services and achieving successful integration in our partner countries. 🤝💪 […]