Mediators and Peacemakers Against Peer Victimization

The Mediators and Peacemakers against Peer Victimization – MEPEV project primarily aims to transform the disagreements among middle school students into peace by means of mediation and negotiation, before they turn their disagreement into conflicts or violence

Seniors need Digital Literacy

Digital inclusion of seniors is a very important issue that can be sometimes difficult to solve. Despite common beliefs, older adults readily adopt and learn new mainstream technologies when a device or service is demonstrated to have immediate relevance to a senior’s life goals. As active citizens, seniors can also serve as essential instruments to […]

Did you know about the Easy-to-read method?

Did you know about the Easy-to-read method? It is a human right to have access to information and everyone has the right to participate in society. However, in order to be able to participate, you need information. Easy-to-read is a method that is used to adapt content, language, presentation, and pictures for a target group […]

Let’s Need Together

AIS team will be participating to ‘Let’s NEET’ event which focuses on inclusion of NEET (not in educational, employment or training) group which happens to be one of the most vulnerable groups especially in the era of global pandemy. Various solutions and opportunities (such as digital employment) will be discussed.

Creativity, Resilience, Empowerment for Work

The pace of innovation, technological transformation, digitalization, and globalization requires all people to engage in lifelong learning for upskilling, re-qualification, or skills updating processes. ICT skills have become essential to differentiate modernize the study process in all stages of education, making it more conveniently accessible to every individual and relevant to the needs of adults […]

Physical activities are important for the development of every child

Physical activities are important for the development of every child. The same applies to children with ADHD. Generally, children with ADHD do better when they get more individual attention from coaches. That is why they are more likely to succeed with individual sports such as swimming, diving, wrestling, martial arts, and tennis – or even […]

Happy Holiday

As we embark on a new year, let us reflect on our daily actions and their impact. Every single thing we do matters. Starting now, get clear on what’s most important to you in life. What is something you care about that is greater than yourself? Maybe it’s the planet, or helping distressed people within […]

iPath2UpSkilling: kick-off meeting

The iPath2UpSkilling project held a successful online by video-conference kick-off meeting at organized by SIRIUS TRAINING CIC on 23 November 2020. Project partners had the opportunity to discuss the general development of project activities and next steps, define the tasks and roles of partners and also progress on the development of the Intellectual Outputs. You […]